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Ethos Power 13 Pickleball Paddle, designed for power
Pathos Power 13mm Pickleball Paddle, taps into familiarity
Logos Power 13mm Pickleball Paddle, excels in stability

The Êthos represents the very foundation of our Power Series. With an innovative design focused on maximizing power and reach, it's the choice of players who thrive on calculated strategies and calculated moves. Whether you're delivering powerful smashes or putting wicked spin on your shots, the Êthos paddle empowers your game to the next level.

Power 13mm


The Logós paddle embodies the logical approach to success on the court. Crafted with a philosophy deeply rooted in player comfort and control, this paddle is perfect for those who appreciate a classic feel on the court. The Logós paddle excels in precision shots and strategic gameplay, allowing you to maintain maximum control with every hit.

Power 13mm

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