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  • By having an account on, you will be able to easily access your account, see your order history, reorder items, save items for later, create wish lists.

  • What makes our paddles unique is their distinctive design, the comfortable feel in your hand, and the characteristic sound they produce. Our paddles are known for their responsiveness and the overall experience they offer to players are unmatched.

  • TRNITY is the combination of two things I love, my faith and pickleball. It’s driven by Christian values, promoting faith. Our racquets are designed not only to excel in performance but also to symbolize players' values. This company took longer than expected to bring a high-quality paddle. We aim to bring people together and inspire athletes to spread their faith. TRNITY Pickleball welcomes you to be a part of this journey that goes beyond the game.

    • Invest in guard tape, weighted tape, and a paddle cover

    • Keep your paddle clean. Lightly you can use glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth to clean the face and or a professional grade all-natural rubber cleaning stick

    • Lastly, protect your paddle by keeping it in normal weather temperatures. 

  • Yes. Every TRNITY paddle comes with a limited time warranty after purchase. You can read up more on how to redeem your paddle in the warranty section here.

    • It depends on how you care for it. Are you an overly aggressive player or not?

    • It depends how often you play. Do you play weekly or less?

    • It depends on if you are looking for the newest paddle tech.

    • The Ethos and Logos Revolution Series will be available in December 2023

    • Our Power series will be available in January 2024

  • For any questions about any of our products, please contact customer support here.

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